noisy statement. Rather like mid-century Modernism as an ar

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worn with a plain black skirt and flat ankle boots。

情侣谁说了算? · 让世界跟上你的脚步 Timberlan · 荣耀×VIVIENNE TAM推出联名设计 · 自由与冥想 哈雷骑士Jon的自我表 封面故事 | 每天和爸爸从卧室滑 · 去纽约,严禁以任何形式或方法转载或使用, with clothes worn by women who do not want to make a loud, #SuzyNYFW:The Row 与 Carolina Herrera 的精致极简守则 Elegant simplicity at The Row (left) and Carolina Herrera (right) for Autumn/Winter 2017 Indigital The Row: A Voice Of Calm The show of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen seemed drained of colour, wearing。

the designer refurbished her key fashion element without making it seem either prissy or dull. In fact, as the models walked criss-crossing in their quiet clothes between silvered pillars. Here everything was long and linear; the white shirt as the main protagonist and the long hemline or trousers part of the lean look. But studying these apparently simple clothes, pure in line。

of course, the effects were more subtle: a long leather coat with a blush of beige; another in mustard yellow; one of the loose woollen coats an earthy brown; the glow of a belted fur coat giving black a silver tinge. The Row Autumn/Winter 2017 Indigital This faultless sense of simplicity with detail made a fine collection。

the most convincing the duo has produced because it seemed so natural. The focus was in the precise width of a leather belt,” said the designer backstage, small voice of calm offers a different perspective. The Row Autumn/Winter 2017 Indigital The sisters also presented a full wardrobe for a modern woman from trouser suits to a simple white shirt, lean coat, her signature white shirt and referring to apparent upheavals within her business. Carolina Herrera Autumn/Winter 2017 Indigital Throughout the show that might once have ended with a swirling ball gown, but rich in texture. The coat as star in the era of the puffer jacket? Maybe that is why the Olsen twins made their big and single hot colour statement with a classic, belted coat in scarlet satin. The Row Autumn/Winter 2017 Indigital Carolina Herrera: Frills Without Fuss What is the difference between a blouse and a shirt? The definition used once to apply to male and female: the men dressed plain and sober; the women fancy and frilly. Carolina Herrera Autumn/Winter 2017 Indigital Throughout her career。

The Rows still。

there was a feeling of restraint as the same slimline shapes with a kick at the hemline were applied to short and long evening dresses. Carolina Herrera Autumn/Winter 2017 Indigital The most significant look in this unfussy new fashion world was when white cotton sleeves appeared under a wine red sweater with a pleated chiffon skirt below: an elegant look for the woman who has everything – except time to go back home to swap her day outfit for night. 转载声明 本内容系VOGUE时尚网原创或经官方授权编译转载, but with a focus on the long, it seems to continue calmly with only an occasional eruption. As the rest of the fashion world currently tilts towards statement dressing (quite literally when slogans are printed on outfits) and even high end designers embrace vulgarity。

noisy statement. Rather like mid-century Modernism as an art form,成为市区核 · 上海国际游艇展开年大秀 稳中求 · 三亚悦澜湾绿地铂瑞酒店2月1日正 , Carolina Herrera made her signature piece seem relevant. Carolina Herrera Autumn/Winter 2017 Indigital There was a touch of Parisian chic when the blouse had a tiny collar and a stringy black bow; or when the white shirt was paired with a black leather bellmans jacket or a cathedral of a cape collar with flourishing bows. Carolina Herrera Autumn/Winter 2017 Indigital “I did it all myself, wearing it herself and making it the cornerstone of her collections.


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